Scope & Services

Turnkey Projects in Protected Agriculture & Hydroponics

With increasing population and demand of food, modernization in agriculture is emerging as a productive trend in agriculture. Protected & Hydroponic Agriculture is now a well recognized trend to Industrialize Agriculture and a modern way of food production with high returns, desired quality and usage of less land resources.

It requires specialized knowledge & experience to successfully setup & run such projects. We offer Turnkey Solutions for Hydroponics & Protected Agriculture projects worldwide.

Business Plan development & Detailed Project Reports

We develop Preliminary Business Plans, Detailed Project Report(DPRs), Techno Economic Feasibility Reports, etc., for presentation and your requirement of funding for the Agricultural Projects.

We also provide consultancy service on financial assistance which comprises of:

1. Preparing bankable report
2. Application for various government subsidy schemes implemented through government grants

Project & Planning, Execution, Supervision & Project Management

Project Execution and timely completion is the key to success in any project For agricultural project, any delay in completion may alter the whole cultivation plan, resulting loss season, time & market opportunities.

IGC has experience team of experts in various facets of Project Planning, Project Execution and/OR Project Supervision based on customer’s requirement.

Agronomy Advisory Services

Our in-house agronomy team & team of associates, we offer services for: Adaptation of New Crops, Increasing Productivities for Existing Crops, Nutrition and Soil Management, Irrigation & Fertigation Management & other aspects involved in successful production of your crops.

Techno-Commercial Advisory: Before starting a new project, feasibility and techno-commercial analysis and assessment is must. A detailed report of feasibility and commercial viability is primary requirement for bank finance and subsidies requirement for a sustainable project. We provide detailed analytical report on project feasibility and its commercial viability for agriculture & related projects.

Commercial Agriculture & Horticulture Development Project

Open field Horticultural Projects are high productive projects with relatively low investments in technology. Adaptation of appropriate technology and scales are increasing trends for high remuneration business.

Critical Success Factors for such projects lie with:

1.Design of Micro-Irrigation Systems.
2.Irrigation & Fertigation Control Systems.
3.Appropriate Crop, High Quality, High Yielding & suitable varietal selection.
4.Integrated Crop Management(Crop Production): Agronomy, Nutrition & Fertigation Management, Integrated Pest & Disease Management.
5.Innovations in Input Management.
6.Post harvest management.
7.Marketing & Market linkage.

High-Tech Irrigation Planning and Design

Drip irrigation, also known as "trickle" irrigation, is one of the methods of water management. Under this system, water is carried to the plant under low pressure, through small diameter plastic pipes and delivered at the root zone, drop by drop through drippers. Drip irrigation is widely practiced and established method of irrigation in developed countries and is slowly gaining popularity in India. It is most suited for horticulture crops, vegetables etc. and finds applicability in hard rock areas where groundwater is scarce and helps in optimization of the limited water resources. The system has its advantages and limitations. Its advantages are in terms of Savings of water (50-60%) of that required for flow irrigation, Effective use of fertilizers, Less labor and energy cost. The limitation for adopting of this method is its high initial cost which is beyond the purchasing capacity of small and marginal farmers and thus mainly adopted by large farmers.